Reconnect HDI works to inform, advocate and enable access to quality mental health services, we also work towards creating awareness to help address the issue of stigma as it relates to mental health and wellness. Our organization and its partners seek to establish grassroots actions to provide compassionate and concrete solutions. 

Together building a community of support

By working alongside people with mental health issues, we form a community of help and support..

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Reconnect HDI holds fundraising events for its various programs at different times of the year. It will be great to have you hop on the ride! We could really use your expertise, ideas and time to reach out to people who would otherwise suffer in silence. Contact us for more information on how to be a part of our upcoming fundraising events

A look at mental health across Africa

A message from our President

I see a vision that one day mentally ill people in Nigeria will have a voice , that stigmatisation of the mentally ill will be frowned upon and that both the public and private sectors will put resources towards...Continue Reading