Reconnect Health Development Initiative (Reconnect HDI) is a leading advocacy that works with individuals, groups and communities to alleviate the sufferings of people affected by mental disorders and substance abuse problems.

Our core Objectives

We work to inform, advocate and enable access to quality mental health services to tackle the menacing issue of stigma as it relates to mental health and wellness. Our organization and its partners seek to establish grassroots actions to provide compassionate and concrete solutions.


Getting to Know RECONNECT

Reconnect Health Development Initiative (Reconnect HDI) is a leading advocacy that works with individuals, groups and communities to alleviate the sufferings of people affected by mental disorders and substance abuse problems. 

Reconnect HDI operates with the following objectives:

  • To provide and promote increased access to mental health services.
  • To adopt culturally appropriate methods for assessing how the challenges associated with mental and psychological illnesses are perceived and conceptualized.
  • To fight drug abuse.
  • To support and encourage youth programs that promotes optimal mental health.
  • To use appropriate evidence-based interventions.
  • To advocate and influence policies on mental health.
  • To ensure that mental health issues are given adequate priority.
  • To provide all necessary healthcare preventative services such as health seminars, health awareness lectures as well as offering health talks at conferences.
  • To provide psychological interventions for orphans and vulnerable Adults.
  • To liaise with existing bodies, government agencies and religious organizations with the aim of providing comprehensive care addressing the mind, body and soul.
  • To establish working relationship with international and local health organizations for promoting better mental health.

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Reconnect Health Development Initiative has a mission to create awareness and advance policy on mental health to promote its tolerance & understanding. We aim to eradicate stigma, tackle drug abuse problems, and support enhanced access to curative and preventive services.



We envision the optimum functioning of the psychologically disturbed, the mentally ill, and the substance abuser as a consequence of enhanced treatment and rehabilitation.

We envision an inclusive role for these individuals where they can make valuable contributions to their communities without being marginalised.

What we do 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has shown that OVER 450 million people in the world suffer from mental disorders; 85% of them are from the developing parts of the world and have no proper access to treatment. 


Mental health disorders constitute the major causes of disabilities worldwide, accounting for 37% of all healthy life years lost through disease. They include addiction, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Depressive diseases are projected to be the leading global burden of disease by 2030.

In over 70% of African countries, the budget allocated to mental health from the total health budget is less than 3%. There is evident shortage of mental health professionals in public practice, limited research and accessibility to mental health services, and poor knowledge of mental health in these regions. Of the major causes of mental illnesses such as psychoactive substance use abuse, spiritual possession is still perceived to be the major factor to the development of mental illnesses in most African countries. It is paramount for developing countries to enhance the delivery of mental health care services for more informed health choices and to support affected individuals. 


Working together with relevant stakeholders, we confirm our commitment to raising our voices for people affected by mental illnesses and substance abuse conditions. We promote diversity and cultural competence in programs, communication, treatment, and relationships. Reconnect HDI translates the best medical approaches into policy & practice to ensure that public trust is confirmed through efficient conscientious leadership and stewardship.


Our collaborative framework with Local and Federal government agencies, communities, relevant stakeholders and affected individuals enables us to develop delivery of mental health facilities according to the target needs.


Reconnect HDI operates at the following levels;

  • Service orientation: Incorporates activities such as providing free mental health consultation services to individuals who cannot afford the cost of initial consultation, providing subsidized treatment to people of low socioeconomic backgrounds, educating the public on topics surrounding mental health, as well as other health services.
  • Participatory orientation: According to needs definition of beneficiaries. We encourage beneficiaries to carryout self-help projects or take responsibilities for implementing certain projects on their own such as peer education.
  • Empowering orientation: To strengthen awareness of and help people develop clearer understanding of issues surrounding mental health to eradicate the associated stigma.



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